Lunch And Sandwich Platters

Lunch entrees are served with your choice of salad, potatoes, and Chef’s Vegetable of the Day. Sandwich platters are served with your choice of fresh fruit, potato chips, potato rounds, roasted potatoes, or french fries.

Note: Prices May Vary

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Entrées Include Choice of Caesar Salad, Tossed Salad, Pasta Salad, Fresh Fruit Cup or Cup of Soup
Substitute Tossed Salad for a Spinach or Greek Salad, Add 3.50.
Substitute Tossed Salad for Hearts of Palm Salad or Iceberg Wedge Topped with Bleu Cheese & Bacon Bits, Add 4.50
Entrées Include Rice Pilaf or Baked Potato or Roasted Potato or French Fries and Vegetable of the Day
Pasta Entrées Exclude Potato and Vegetable